Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fear and Apathy on the Rise

Fear seems to be writhing in the hearts of people today. Not only is it used as a tool of intimidation it corrodes the brains of people when prejudices, differences of opinion and beliefs are involved. Misunderstanding each other or fear of the unknown promotes the high anxiety levels we are witnessing today.

Instead of using the alternative of learning from one another even if we tend to disagree or even find the other’s lifestyle offensive, why can we not take a step back and view each person as an individual? Their choices, genetic make up, circumstance and beliefs, their own personal struggles brought them to where they are just as this cycle is the common denominator in all our lives.

We seem to keep forgetting that we are all human. The focus on country of origin, religion, race, sex, or sexual orientation should all melt away when one human being is seen just as that… human.

The judgment does not seem to stop there. We seem to look at another’s misfortune or fame as a part of who they are. There are so many possibilities of how a person can end up in any given situation how can we judge? Who decides who assumes the role of the human appraiser?

Instead of uniting we have become detached from one another, divided by boundaries we have created by our apathetic attitudes. Compassion appears to be looming near extinction.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” Marie Curie, French (Polish-born) chemist & physicist (1867 - 1934)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pure Spirituality is where Wisdom Evolves

Some religions use their bibles as if they were some sort of instruction for living life in the grace of God. The words are taken so literally that they in fact, lose meaning. What if the Bible was meant as a guideline not as literal instructions? People are born with certain levels of spiritual awareness (predisposed to culture and gene pools) and then develop according to experience, environment and circumstance. So in knowing this how can the bible be interpreted in one true form? No two people will see the same word or situation in the same way. We are our experiences and defenses. We are, as God intended us to be, each individual. Children of God are not robots all acting in the same manner. My interpretation of God would not desire drones that abide by His laws motivated by guilt and peer pressure. Rather, to follow God is an individual choice and our identities are not to be lost only enhanced by that choice.

So the question still remains… how involved is God in mans life? That should depend upon how much a man chooses to let God in. Although, I believe God to be an all knowing, all loving God I suspect He does not intervene until we ask or accept His help. Until we truly believe that He indeed can help.

I do not believe any religion is a religion of convenience. Praying or meditating only when things are bad and only praising God when something good happens in our lives. It is a choice to follow and worship and truly experience God to open up the mind and soul to ANY possibility.

It seems to me that one of the main ways to sin is to trust and honor that which exists in the material world. Where items of substance are treated with such admiration we lose ourselves and any meaning of existence. Where appearance is held in such high regard that we do not see an individual rather physical aspects of that person.

So is it not our responsibility to learn and experience others? To shut ourselves off from another human being due to a difference in belief or culture would in essence be robbing ourselves of understanding. Avoidance due to appearance, life style or belief instead of asking ourselves what we could learn from or teach this person is a true theft of knowledge. Instead we tend to judge solely upon ignorance and fear. Knowledge in any form breeds intelligence replacing ignorance and prejudice.

I believe God loves all creatures. Some religious organizations with degrading and oppressive messages such as “God Hates Fags” induce thoughts that God is prejudiced against his own creation and is a vengeful creator. God is incapable of hate therefore, loves all. God is love and that love is a part of each one of us. Some chose to selectively interpret Scripture to meet their own small-minded agendas.

So if this country was founded on the principles of Christianity and we have more groups / organizations / religions using malignant slogans, what must their God represent and what purpose does it serve to create hate? Have we really become so jaded as to think God promotes segregation instead of unity? We need to look deep within ourselves to distinguish who is making these decisions and judgments, God or our own egos?

Saturday, October 28, 2006


The world is a place where good and evil co-exist.

The line that separates the two continues to become more and more transparent.

Often times hard to distinguish one from the other.

So many guises, muses and vices draw us from what should be obvious, what should be second nature, the truth.

Every day well-meaning people are swallowed by temptation, confusion and oppression, while evil continues to camouflage itself in ever changing disguises.

Making it difficult for us to escape its traps.

The body is no longer of one mind, one heart and one soul.

The ever-fighting forces that surround us and leave us fragmented within make it nearly impossible to commit to one force.

If we are not careful to learn the lessons we are given, as we grow older the voice within us could weaken by the battles taking place inside and outside our consciousness.

All the while making it increasingly difficult to hear the one that lives inside of us.

The moral compass that was given to us at birth, some might refer to as common sense, is faltering under the pressures of the way we live today.

While those of us that may stumble from time to time under this influence are led to believe we are weak hearted and impure.

We are human after all and we need to learn to forgive others and ourselves and get on with the business of healing.

These are the very experiences that strengthen us if we just hold on.

Hold on with the gift of prayer, for communication with our Creator is the only fighting chance we have.

We are here to learn and teach one another lessons that will be valuable in the hereafter.

Everything outside of ourselves is man-made and artificial but still we continue to become immersed in these external distractions, leaving ourselves vulnerable to the dark side.

It is unfortunate we judge one another by the choices we make, never seeing the circumstances involved inside and out.

We are so quick to judge one another by actions, race, sexual orientation and financial class, never bothering to look any further into the creature in front of our eyes, another human being.

Nothing is viewed in its full spectrum rather in fragments.

Leaving us fragmented without love, trust or unity.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Concepts to Grasp

Please note this was written during the Bush administration.

We, the human race, are all part of the same being / entity / energy…God. Religious beliefs are irrelevant. Whichever form your God takes is only important to you. Weather one believes in Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism, they all have a common denominator; they all derive from belief in a higher power. So regardless of your faith the same presence resides in each of us. That same ability for compassion, integrity and grace resides in us all. Why then, do so many of us take the low road by refusing to understand others because of a difference in race, color, political and religious beliefs or ideas?

In viewing campaign ads of late I find myself watching in utter horror how these people are not only chosen to run for an office but make up a majority of our government. There seems to be a missing ingredient, a very important and urgent one, compassion for humanity. There is no civility left in politics or campaigns. War and government is America’s poker game and nothing more.

It is up to us (the few with true compassion and empathy left) to either listen to or ignore the inner positive force that resides within each of us. In neglecting this energy that loves us so, we deprive ourselves of the spiritual growth and become slaves to this world with no hopes of ever seeing the next and in so doing we die to our ego selves.