Saturday, February 17, 2007

Unconditional Love

The definition resides in the very word. It is not reserved for relatives and loved ones. There are many people throughout our lives we may encounter who spark this beautiful form of love. It asks nothing in return and yet resides inside those of us whose hearts are open enough to accept it, cherish it and even crave it. There are those of us, once struck with this type of love, who want nothing more to give and aid. This form of love just is and the reason for its existence is not known and doesn’t have to be. For it is love in its purest form. Those who have the gift of true compassion and empathy for others will be the most likely to experience unconditional love.

If you already have these traits of compassion and empathy, you do not need to have children, a great home life or even any surviving family members. Unconditional love is what it is. It is pure, kind, unassuming and a true gift to those who aren’t afraid to experience it, those who just feel the joy of the love itself. Remember, unconditional love expects nothing in return and finds joy in giving and caring for those who have struck our hearts in this very special manner.

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