Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Chance For Peace

I wonder if anyone wonders how God feels? How painful it must be to watch His children fight each other over territory, beliefs, wealth and other material items. If we are all a part of God or a higher power, some energy source which creates and has the capacity of a love we humans cannot comprehend and I believe we are all a part of something much larger than ourselves, I can only imagine the agony He must feel. War, like cancer, is a disease and it seems we do nothing but feed it. We can build machines to destroy each other but we can't seem to help the starving and the truly needy. We spend billions of dollars to send people and objects into space but we cannot seem to take care of the human race. Have we lost the ability to truly communicate with one another? Why are our priorities aimed toward destruction instead of taking care of one another? All this energy wasted on such negative objectives, which have very little chance for positive outcome if we don't do something to save ourselves. Like feeding the hungry, offering free health care and creating a sense of compassion felt throughout the world. Even if the belief system is taken out of the equation, for the atheists and agnostics out there, shouldn't it still be common sense to take care of our own? Would you let your children or even your animals for that matter live in the horrible conditions some humans are subjected to? I know I wouldn't. I would do everything in my power to not only help my own family; I feel it would be second nature to help our neighbors as well. It feels as though we are racing towards something and I'm afraid it's our extinction. As long as we abuse the planet the way we do and let apathy be our guide, we are all one huge train wreck waiting to happen.


Jimdelrio said...

Very well written. Keep up the good works, the good thoughts and prayers, the positive energy and actions and never give up. It is never too late.

Stay positive...


Traveller said...
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