Friday, October 27, 2006

Concepts to Grasp

Please note this was written during the Bush administration.

We, the human race, are all part of the same being / entity / energy…God. Religious beliefs are irrelevant. Whichever form your God takes is only important to you. Weather one believes in Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism, they all have a common denominator; they all derive from belief in a higher power. So regardless of your faith the same presence resides in each of us. That same ability for compassion, integrity and grace resides in us all. Why then, do so many of us take the low road by refusing to understand others because of a difference in race, color, political and religious beliefs or ideas?

In viewing campaign ads of late I find myself watching in utter horror how these people are not only chosen to run for an office but make up a majority of our government. There seems to be a missing ingredient, a very important and urgent one, compassion for humanity. There is no civility left in politics or campaigns. War and government is America’s poker game and nothing more.

It is up to us (the few with true compassion and empathy left) to either listen to or ignore the inner positive force that resides within each of us. In neglecting this energy that loves us so, we deprive ourselves of the spiritual growth and become slaves to this world with no hopes of ever seeing the next and in so doing we die to our ego selves.

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