Saturday, October 28, 2006


The world is a place where good and evil co-exist.

The line that separates the two continues to become more and more transparent.

Often times hard to distinguish one from the other.

So many guises, muses and vices draw us from what should be obvious, what should be second nature, the truth.

Every day well-meaning people are swallowed by temptation, confusion and oppression, while evil continues to camouflage itself in ever changing disguises.

Making it difficult for us to escape its traps.

The body is no longer of one mind, one heart and one soul.

The ever-fighting forces that surround us and leave us fragmented within make it nearly impossible to commit to one force.

If we are not careful to learn the lessons we are given, as we grow older the voice within us could weaken by the battles taking place inside and outside our consciousness.

All the while making it increasingly difficult to hear the one that lives inside of us.

The moral compass that was given to us at birth, some might refer to as common sense, is faltering under the pressures of the way we live today.

While those of us that may stumble from time to time under this influence are led to believe we are weak hearted and impure.

We are human after all and we need to learn to forgive others and ourselves and get on with the business of healing.

These are the very experiences that strengthen us if we just hold on.

Hold on with the gift of prayer, for communication with our Creator is the only fighting chance we have.

We are here to learn and teach one another lessons that will be valuable in the hereafter.

Everything outside of ourselves is man-made and artificial but still we continue to become immersed in these external distractions, leaving ourselves vulnerable to the dark side.

It is unfortunate we judge one another by the choices we make, never seeing the circumstances involved inside and out.

We are so quick to judge one another by actions, race, sexual orientation and financial class, never bothering to look any further into the creature in front of our eyes, another human being.

Nothing is viewed in its full spectrum rather in fragments.

Leaving us fragmented without love, trust or unity.

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