Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is NOT Thanksgiving

I'm not quite sure why Americans seem to think Christmas is the appropriate time to give thanks to our soldiers. Now we have to color his birthday, which no one can accurately calculate, with the blood of war. The holiday has already suffered loss of meaning by commercialization. People pushing and shoving to get just the right gift for a loved one or friend on Christ's birthday. Some who recognize the holiday don't even believe the man existed. If you don't believe Christ existed at all then DON'T celebrate it. For those proud Americans who seem to think this is the opportune time to bring war into the picture by thanking our soldiers for being in a war that should never have been is appalling. To celebrate bloodshed on this day of all days makes my stomach sick and my heart hurt. I refuse to label myself under any religion because of the dogma that comes with it. People are missing the whole meaning of Christ. He symbolizes unconditional love, trust and unity by embracing diversity. Man made ideologies seem to promote quite the opposite. Only ONE religion can be right. Which is yet another, falsehood. Here we adapt the meaning of Christ to fit our own small minded agendas. 

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