Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All Life is Sacred

When war enters my mind, I always find myself feeling a bit confused. Coming from a family of troops (my father was a marine and his four brothers were either marine or navy), I take on a much different view of the world in terms of war and well, just plain being against it with every facet of my being. I do support our troops and pray they make it home safe and sound to their families SOON. I am not the most patriotic person. I am admittedly a Hippy, socialist who feels as though she's living on one huge target. My compassion is for humanity itself and the loss of unity throughout the world makes me feel sick. I've heard my father's stories of his tour in Korea and I find the older I get, the more war sickens me to my very core. As anti-war as I am, I can actually say that WWI, WWII could not be avoided. Now our troops are over there fighting for their very lives in a war that never should have been. I guess I will never understand the reason for the need for power. War seems like the world's pissing contest. I do not view land as something that should be owned or fought over. We cannot own it. Just as we cannot claim the ocean, the planet, the galaxy in which we live or the universe.

For a country that prides itself on being so courageous and powerful, inside our very own boundaries we do not take care of our hungry, homeless, elderly or young. Gang violence is its own war but it seems we don't do much about it. Things are happening HERE in America NOW that need our attention.

Meanwhile people are not giving our new president a chance. They expect miracles. The media is so bias it's ridiculous to even watch. I believe the Fox news network should be taken off the air completely. Then we have the Jerry Springer of politics, Rush Limbaugh who spews lies about himself and others every chance he can get. On the other side there's Micheal Moore who seems to believe he's doing some good with his films but one is just as bad as the other. Their choice of material only creates havoc and more division between the two political parties.

To me ALL life is sacred and I will never understand violence and war when there are better ways to work things out. I mean no disrespect to our troops. I may not understand or agree with war but I will always pray for their safe return. I just wish they were fighting for a country worth fighting for instead of the capitalistic, conglomerate we call America. Yes, I know that is harsh and I don't mean to sound ungrateful but it seems the priorities of this county are a bit whacked. We let insurance companies dictate how, when and even if we get health care. Don't like the idea of socialized medicine? There are countries out there where the Doctors work for the government and the health care is free and the mortality rate is much less than we have here in America. Our health care system ranks in the 30s internationally. We are far behind not only in how we manage our health care but our procedures are lacking as well. People seem to prefer to fly to Europe to get specialized surgeries because we just don't have the knowledge over here yet.

Bottom line, we are a very young country who could stand to learn a bit from example. Instead we seem to be on more of a power trip. All life is connected. Borders are something we create just as the religious dogma that also aids in division instead of unity. Yes, I am a hippy and I will continue to respect all life.

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