Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Intolerance is one of the most dangerous elements we humans have invented. For those of you who generalize, judge, practice prejudice of any kind and for those who think the earth is the center of the universe whether it be literal (cause we’re not) or figurative, remember everything on this earth and in the vastness of the universe IS God. He is the energy who created it and the one who inhabits all of His creation including humans. So when you practice intolerance, you are, in essence, being intolerant of parts of God.

As for the atheists out there, no one need judge them either. So the intolerance thing doesn't stop with religious or spiritual people. My version of creation and evolution is my own and I don't judge others who think differently.

What path do you wish to follow? Intolerance, judgment, ignorance, hate, apathy or compassion, empathy, wisdom and love for humanity? Who are you to judge others when you don't bother to research or get to know who it is you are placing under such scrutiny?

For those of us who are so steeped in our beliefs and opinions that we are blinded to any other possibility, it might be time to take those blinders off, open your heart, take a good honest look at yourself and remind yourself that you are a part of the creative force who is responsible for all life, as we all are. We are all connected through Him. And again, even those who do not believe in God can practice tolerance.  We're all still connected through the human spirit. To gain insight into a new way of thinking visit...
Embrace Diversity