Monday, February 28, 2011


Because of the guilt
I feel within.
Held accountable for many sins.

Whether they're mine
or from another time.

They brand me
They scar me.
They bar me from life.

All intertwined.
Your will or mine?

What's right?
What's wrong?
I've been waiting far too long.

I need you to approve
before I make any move.

Your silence grows
like a cancer in my brain.
I pray all night
only to wait again.

My needs, my desires.
Who do they belong to?

You made me who I am
for a reason.
So release me
from this prison.

Tell me, how long do I wait
before love turns to hate?

No test too hard for the true believer.
However, there is one thing I can not deliver.

The understanding you seek in me
Is far beyond anything I could ever be.

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